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A fresh start.

Updated: Aug 28, 2018




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I used to blog back when blogging was a brand new idea- I was 21 years old and barely married. My sister, Abbie, would keep a blog to keep up with friends and family since she lived out of Utah (where most of our family lives) for the first ten years of her marriage. I thought it was so cool that we could see pictures and read about their life on the computer. This was my first time I had ever heard of blogging and I instantly wanted my own! I had nothing significant to blog about but I decided to start blogging anyway for the same reasons, to keep up with family and friends... even though I lived about 20 minutes from my parents and less than 2 hours away from anybody I knew besides my sister who was living in California.

This was the beginning of SOCAIL MEDIA! Pretty soon, everyone would be "keeping in touch" with their family and friends... and friends of friends, their enemies, neighbors, celebrities, politicians, peoples pets, and so many businesses via social media. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest and even more apps keep us connected down to the seconds of our lives.

( Ryan and Alex circa 2010 ->)

Back in 2010 I started blogging about hair and makeup. I had been working for a couple of years as a hairstylist and makeup artist, and I was still trying to grow my clientele. I used blogging to talk about hair in hopes that I could attract some new clients. It was a very amateur effort but it was fun and it worked!  To this day, almost 9 years later, I still have clients I met through my blog!

(<- Alex - 2012)

In 2012 I hired my friend Ciara Richardson to take some new headshots for me because she is a photography genius and takes amazing photos, and the next line you read is proof!    I was shocked when a few friends sent me screen shots of the Pinterest category icons and I saw my headshot, MY face, as the face of hair and beauty on Pinterest. People started to email me, and send me messages me on facebook, asking about my hair color formula and what styling tools and products I used. I was flattered and happy to share. I loved blogging about beauty things! After having my first baby though, and leaving my full time job at the salon to work from home, my blog became non-existent and I didn't make the time to keep blogging, something I once loved to do. Instagram became the new 'blog'.

FAST FORWARD - It's the summer of 2018 and my oldest kid is starting kindergarten. Where does the time go!?! I am a mom of three, I'm married to my best friend Ryan and we have built a beautiful life together. I'm still a hair stylist and makeup artist and I've been apart of some really rad opportunities in the last 11 years as a beauty professional.

I'm currently on maternity leave after having my beautiful baby girl, Jane, and I recently found myself in a conversation with my husband about my hobbies... or lack there of.  The way you spend your time changes drastically after having kids, and that's not a bad thing! The luxuries of my life changed from... going to a yoga class, painting, seeing movies, going skiing, or boating, or even shopping in actual stores... to going grocery shopping without anyone riding in the cart, watching the bachelor when my kids are asleep, taking an uninterrupted shower, or eating dinner when it's actually warm. I wouldn't trade it... don't get me wrong, I just realized I don't do as many creative things as I used to.  I want to start painting again. I want to learn how to do macrame, I want to be good at 'hand lettering', basic sewing, and maybe even take piano lessons... maybe... One way I used to spend my free time, or a 'hobby' I forgot about that I truly enjoyed was blogging. So, here you are, reading my blog where I want to share things that I love, things that make me happy, thoughts that are positive and maybe even helpful for you, the person reading this.

Here's to a fresh start!

xo Alex


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